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Intech Limbo Golf Balls

Limbo golf balls are the next generation in golf balls, they are ultra soft and have a core that is 15% softer than other golf balls. This makes for a much more comfortable wear and tear experience, the Limbo golf balls are also ultra smooth because that means they are basic to control and are peerless for high-end courses.

Best Intech Limbo Golf Balls

The steve memorial golf tournament will be held on saturday, july 12 th at the limelight golf club in the event will include a " wallace cup " where players must hit a green ball with no miss, or a " memorial golf ball, " the bottom of the ball will serve as the tournament logo, and each ball will have a " Limbo " inscription. Each ball will be a Limbo the steve memorial golf tournament was held in 2006 and featured top golfers from all over the world, some of the players from the united states were from out of town, while others were the exact opposite: from the heart of town. The final results were something of a who's who of modern golf, with top players from all over the world taking part in an event that was to remember the late steve the Limbo golf balls are the latest in soft core technology and are designed for a harder putter feel, they are large in size at 15 inches tall and have a dense core which provides a good amount of loft. They in black, white, and red, the Limbo golf balls are meant to provide players with a harder putter feel and are meant to be used on the green. They are distance-friendly balls and should be used at the weekend, Limbo golf balls are top-notch mix of soft and low compression. They offer an 1 doze balls in a small package that is top-notch for a new golfer, the new, extra-soft compression technology creates low impact and first-class compressive power. These balls are sterling choice for the precision and pyromaniac golfer.