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Homemade Golf Ball Marker

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Homemade Golf Ball Marker Walmart

This unique and unique item is produced from recycled materials and is just first-rate for marking down the edge of green, around the hole or even when hitting a ball, the ball Marker is fabricated from durable plastic and is fabricated to last for many years. This hand-held golf ball Marker is an exceptional addition to your home games room or beneficial for marking practice holes in the ball, the high-quality, Homemade golf ball Marker is manufactured of durable plastic and gives a red and green color scheme. This unique and is produced out of recycled materials and is manufactured to only last and last it's used to write the name of the president of the united states of america, it is an unique and made out of recycled materials. This uncomplicated to make golf ball Marker is a peerless alternative to markings to show your own home course or score, the ball is then ready for use, made from natural rubber, which makes it first-rate for golfer's out there.