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Gti Golf Ball Shift Knob

Introducing a peerless addition to all golfer's tool kit - the Gti 337 20 th anniv golf ball Shift knob! Thisthirty-one piece features a logo - doubles as a readout for your green number - and allows you to Shift the golf ball on the green, in or out of the cut, our Shift Knob is adeptly made from durable hardwood and fits most golf carts. So whether you're a Gti 337 20 th anniv golfer or searching to go beyond the simple Shift knob, this piece of thirty-one technology is here.

Gti Golf Ball Shift Knob Walmart

The vw oem mk7 Gti 6-speed golf ball Shift Knob is a first rate substitute to ease into Gti driving and have an uncomplicated time getting a terrific drive for your car, this Knob is fabricated of durable materials that will provide no problems during driving and will not move for either left or right hand drive. The Shift Knob is an excellent alternative for vw mk4 mk5 golf jetta gti, it is manufactured of heavy-duty plastic and gives a black manuel for each knob. The Knob is movement sensitive and can be turned in two directions - clockwise or anticlockwise, the Gti golf ball Shift Knob is a top-of-the-line alternative to keep your car starting in out position. This Knob helps you out of a problem or situation while driving and makes it easier to operate your car, this Knob is manufactured of pvc leather and is manufactured to handle many hours of use. It extends a comfortable and sturdy design and is fantastic for any car, this inch-sized rhinoceros ball Shift Knob is splendid for most golf carts and is fabricated of high-quality carbon fiber to look like this Knob can be added to your game plan or used as a decoration.