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Golf Ball Water Rake

The golf ball retriever Rake kit includes a head and telescopic shaft for a top-notch golf ball throw, perfect for use at the club, the kit helps to keep your fairway grass in condition while aids in its retrieval.

Golf Ball Pond Rake

This is a telescopically designed golf ball pond in the vintage series, it is for the 21 st century and is filled with Water like a river. The jay is filled with golf ball Water and is top-quality for keeping your ball safe and straightforward to work with, the golf ball retriever is a definitive tool for retrieving your golf ball. This is a telescoping tool that is prime for use in tournaments and other outdoor events, with its additional features of 20 ajay scoop n Rake golf ball Water retriever you will have a stronger attack and greater accuracy with your golf balls. The golf ball Rake is back! This kit includes the head and telescopic shaft, which returns to the ball early when you're making shots, the golf ball Water Rake pole is a top-of-the-line addition to your golf ball business. This terrific for admirers that appreciate golfing in Water areas, the golf ball Water Rake pole is ideal for finding Water hazard golf balls and can also be used as a Rake for admirers golf ball duties.